Philip Ashburne

Philip Ashburne

Philip Ashburne is the Founder & Chief Strategist for AD Assist Agency, a digital marketing boutique agency specializing in using Facebook Advertising to get small & medium sized ecommerce business amazing results.

Most Effective Ways on Getting New Audiences with ROAS Using eCommerce Facebook Ads

Most Effective Ways on Getting New Audiences with ROAS Using eCommerce Facebook Ads
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One of the primary targets with the implementation of Facebook ads is to maximize reach. However, maximizing reach is one thing, getting the best deal on return on ad spend (ROAS) is another thing entirely. A higher ROAS implies an increase in the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign. With ROAS, it becomes easy for online ventures to know which of their strategies are producing the desired results.

At our end, what we have been able to do is come up with a better technique that can generate as much as thrice ROAS while innovatively focusing on the dormant audiences. The consideration is that it is a massive advantage to focus on these audiences.

This is because what most eCommerce brands do is to ensure the scope of their campaigns does not go beyond audiences that will yield quick sales. But, this is a bad way to execute ad strategies all the best chances will be lost. Benefits of the new technique we have come up with include:

  • Assisting in scaling up ad spend by more than half while ensuring optimal ROAS
  • Significant improvement in the purchases
  • Increase in the overall purchase value

The focus of this technique is on nothing else but buying. In ensuring that this happens, there is a lot of focus on the creation of new lists and this allows for expansion of the audience that can be targeted. Also, it assists in the optimization of organic and paid brand queries. At the end of it all, it establishes a lasting long-term sales system.

Getting the Best out of eCommerce Facebook Ads

Ordinarily, what most eCommerce Facebook ad strategies focus on is just the execution stage. Because many users are more interested in seeing massive sales in the shortest possible period, they do not worry about other stages. What this means is that many users eventually end up pouring cash into techniques that will not generate anything for them at the end of the day.

Hence, it is common to see platform managers who seem to be spending a lot on the ads but always complain of not getting the result that they desire. And when it comes to the world of eCommerce social media advertising, several effective techniques can be employed when it comes to the targeting of prospective customers.

 However, this is not to say that there are no instances where focusing on the execution stage alone does not produce any results. There are some digital marketing channels where this will be the best move. A very good illustration in this regard is Google Ads where keywords are very crucial.

For such a niche of eCommerce social media advertising, this is a good move. But at the same time, you need to realize the fact that focusing solely on Google Ads is going to restrict the size of your audience to those who are consciously looking for an item, product or service. What that implies is that you are going to miss all those who are prospective customers but do not even know that they are going to benefit from what you are offering. As you have employed an ad strategy that blocks them out in the first place, there is no way they are going to see your campaigns.

Talking of Facebook, it is the ideal place when it comes to getting across to very specific people. For example, there is the possibility of narrowing your search to not just specific people but what they are even interested in or passionate about instead of the product that they might even be focusing on at that moment.

But once again, experience has shown that many eCommerce marketers are yet to take full advantage of the possibilities existing on Facebook. This explains why they keep focusing on their old audiences instead of exploring new and more productive grounds that can yield more for them.

Many eCommerce markets employ this strategy because they think that the only way to get an excellent ROAS is by integrated bottom-of-funnel campaigns to their overall business strategy. They even assume that trying to focus on a fresh audience is going to be quite expensive but that is not the case. If ad strategies are implemented properly, there is every possibility to get wider, new audiences while getting maximal returns and scaling the spending at the same time.

Scaling Performance of Facebook Ads

The essence of working on Facebook Ad campaigns this way is to target prospective clients at the top of the sales funnel and getting thrice ROAS in all. The first and principal objective here is to increase the reach to as many crucial people as possible. These are people on Facebook who are relevant to or attracted to whatever you are offering. However, the targeting should be done in a way that has maximal reach, to cover even those who may not be aware of the product – but may end up liking it if they see the items.

For the maximization of reach, the next step will be to adjust the campaign objectives under the Ads Manager section to ‘Reach’ and not ‘Conversions’. Once this is done, you are going to be able to get a much bigger audience complete with all the needed people and the exact interests that are relevant to the campaign strategy.

 In doing this, you can get the most affordable impressions. It is at this point that it becomes important to compare the CPM costs of the new campaign with the older ones to see that you are truly getting the cheapest offers.

Once that is done and confirmed, the next step will be to establish custom audiences and focus more on those who are most relevant to what is being promoted. This can be a particular website or even a fan page, whatever it is, it is directly linked to the product, good or service that is on offer.

As for the Facebook ad creatives that are going to be used, they will be based on several factors. One will be the location that the targeted customers are visiting and the kind of interactions that they are also having with the social media posts. To achieve these, it is best to make use of the ‘Conversion campaign objective’ feature on Facebook.

Have it at the back of your mind that the end goal is to see to the most excellent ROAS and a way to get this done will be to provide a lot of details highlighting the best parts of the product or goods that are on offer. This is what will lead to productive and comprehensive engagement of how the ads which will be visible to the targeted users.

If there is any plan to also make use of Google Ads, this is the point where that is done. You also need to consider the per-unit price of the various items that are being promoted. It is instructive to provide more details for higher-priced items as compared with the cheaper ones. Wrap it up by refocusing your target on one-quarter of the main landing page website visitors and establish an efficient Conversion campaign with a well-grounded ad copy and calls to action prompting the users to engage further.

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