Philip Ashburne

Philip Ashburne

Philip Ashburne is the Founder & Chief Strategist for AD Assist Agency, a digital marketing boutique agency specializing in using Facebook Advertising to get small & medium sized ecommerce business amazing results.

5 Ways to Use Facebook Automated Messenger Marketing

5 Ways to Use Facebook Automated Messenger Marketing
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Facebook messenger

Data shows that 1.3 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month, so it should come as no surprise that plenty of companies now invest in automated messenger marketing. Although this specific marketing landscape still needs experimentation and further research, most businesses and marketers have been seeing profound results. There are plenty of ways to use Facebook Messenger, but here are five of the most compelling tactics you need to try now:

1 – Make use of the comment guard bot

The comment guard is a famous bot, one that keeps track of your organic Facebook posts. When a user comments on the post, the bot automatically sends them a message from your page. It works like a Facebook post autoresponder, where engagement is highly encouraged. Once they reply to your message on Messenger, you’ll receive their information and permission to further send them messages. This works well when you’re retargeting, you’re also able to keep a list of potential clients you can reach out to. 

2 – Enlist the help of chat blasting

Chat blastic is simple to use. It’s essentially a chatbot that contacts people on your list, quite reminiscent of email blasting. It works better than emails, however, as chats come with up to 80% open rates in just sixty minutes. Email marketing only receives 5% open rates, as people tend to spend more time on chat boxes. 

It helps you maintain a high level of engagement, as well as help you get a quick turnover of data. With chat blasting, you’ll be able to dig deeper into your data and see what tactics have worked! 

3 – Utilize the click-to-messenger ads

This type of ad encourages action through the button “send message”. In other words, instead of clicking on a specific offer or “learn more”, the user is automatically sent to messenger—directly to you. This type of interaction is more compelling than a landing page because you will be able to set up a bot that entertains the users until a real person is available for chatting. 

4 – Use the chat widget

This is a tactic that plenty of business owners are adapting, as it essentially links your Facebook social media page to your website. It works as a button highly visible on your website, quite like a built-in chatbox. This allows your visitors to message you directly, as opposed to emailing you. As soon as they click or tap the button, you will have gained a valuable lead. Users interacting with the widget become permanent leads, as they are automatically added to your contact list. These chatbots are also available 24/7, responding instantly to any visitor you may have. 

5 – Customize your messages

Consumers love anything tailored to their needs, so a personalized “hello” will surely draw them in. Even though it’s an automated system, being called by their name will still leave an impact. Simply just input the code in your chatbot builder and you’re good to go! It usually goes like this: “Hi, {{firstname}}!” with dynamic parameters. From the user’s end, it’ll feel personal and engaging!


Facebook messenger marketing is tactical, especially since you’re mostly using the help of automation. Each of these features leads back to a single theme, however—engagement and interactivity. Gone are the days of megaphone marketing. Broadcasting your messages just won’t cut it anymore, so if you want people to become interested in your products or services, be engaging, immersive, and interactive. Luckily, Messenger marketing offers just that. Keep our simple tips in mind as you explore its many wonders!

AD Assist Agency is a Facebook advertising agency that offers effective and solid solutions for your business. We’ll focus on lead generation while you make your company grow better. Ask us how—reach out to us today!

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