Philip Ashburne

Philip Ashburne

Philip Ashburne is the Founder & Chief Strategist for AD Assist Agency, a digital marketing boutique agency specializing in using Facebook Advertising to get small & medium sized ecommerce business amazing results.

5 Facebook Ads Optimization Tips for Business Owners

5 Facebook Ads Optimization Tips for Business Owners
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Facebook Ads on a Macbook

The Facebook Ads platform offers limitless potential for jump-starting your business. With around 1.69 billion users on the platform in 2020 and a predicted exponential boost yearly, there is no doubt that the platform is a hot spot for growth. This growth also means that the market will be tough to penetrate due to the sheer amount of online businesses that are joining in. In this article, we’ll provide you with five tips to strengthen and grow your business on this social media giant:

1. Create multiple versions of your ad copy

As human beings, we are bound to make errors, which is why multiple versions should exist. Practicing this will override the variable of human error as there are numerous references to look through. Creating these alternate blueprints allows your business better chances of creating the optimum ad due to the variety of options. Another thing you can do is to use Facebook’s Dynamic Creative, which permits up to five headlines, images, and descriptions to an ad.  Couple this with a handful of headlines and bodies, you will be able to see the statistics of each ad and learn which one works best

2. Do not underestimate the power of video and visuals

Visual ads still hold massive importance and impact on consumers, especially when integrated with high-traffic social media sites like Facebook. Studies have shown that video advertisements have so much more potential to convert than ads that contain merely text. Visual ads can send brand messages better and leave a lasting impact on viewers. Plus, the creativity that can go into a video is endless, which is what people remember videos more. Just make sure the ad does not play for too long; otherwise, customers may feel inconvenienced.  Keep the time to a minimum length and include a powerful message.

3. Create a lookalike audience using high-value customers

All businesses have clients that are what they call “high-value” customers.  These clients are usually loyal to a brand. This knowledge can come into play within your Facebook Ads strategy when you create a custom audience that is similar to these high-value clients. This method can be done and maintained through data observation on page statistics, which works by targeting ads towards similar profiles of your high-value users.

4. Maintain low frequency but high relevance

Facebook Ads run off of a basis of two things: frequency and relevance. Frequency entails the average views of your ad by individual users. A safe number for your ad frequency is for it to appear three times on a user’s feed. A higher number than that risks irritating the user and ultimately hiding your page. To keep your frequency low, look into a large enough audience that will allow your ad to cycle at a solid rate. The relevance metric should aim to be as high as possible, which is rated by Facebook depending on audience statistics. Positive engagements, such as likes, views, comments, will bump your score up. Negative engagements such as users hiding the ads will reduce your score.

5. Always prioritize mobile-first content

Google prioritizes content made and optimized for mobile devices, which should be the case for your business ads as well. Mobile optimized ads usually run well on desktops, but not vice-versa. Your ads should align with mobile practices, such as vertical videos so that users do not have to turn their phones. It should also enable closed captioning for loud environments. These small things can determine the success or failure of your ad. 


All this may seem easier said than done. Even the most skilled marketers struggle with the Facebook Ads platform at times due to Facebook’s market size. However, you do not have to deal with this yourself. If these Facebook Ad tips seem too advanced for you, it’s best to hire an agency that specializes in social media advertising optimization.  

We have worked with multiple brands to help them grow over time. If you find yourself struggling to grow your local business, we are here to help. Visit us at our Ad Assist Agency website to consult.

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