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Philip Ashburne is the Founder & Chief Strategist for AD Assist Agency, a digital marketing boutique agency specializing in using Facebook Advertising to get small & medium sized ecommerce business amazing results.

4 Tools To Recover Your Abandoned Carts

4 Tools To Recover Your Abandoned Carts
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According to recent research by Baymard, the average ecommerce cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. This is called the plague of digital retail, which amounts to billions of dollars lost in revenue. Luckily, if you have an online store there are certain tools you can use to bring shoppers back to complete their purchasing process. These four tools will help you draw your shoppers back in even after they have abandoned their cart and left the site.

1. Use Retargeting Strategies – Facebook Pixel, Google remarketing tag or Shopify Shoelace

Online advertising has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Retargeting is an especially valuable resource that ecommerce stores have at their disposal. Generally, advertising strategies that employ retargeting ads as a central component experience great success. It just so happens that retargeting strategies are very effective when it comes to recovering lost carts as well.

You can embed a small piece of code such as Google remarketing tag (RSLA) or Facebook pixel in your site’s code. Your retargeting ad campaign can then allow shoppers to see ads of the exact products they abandoned in their carts. You can also use Shopify’s Shoelace to make it easier to create Facebook retargeting ads.

Source: Shopify

Retargeting strategies are very helpful since they present customers with the same products they left in their shopping cart. There is a high rate of abandoned cart recovery with this method. It is important to use the right tool so that shoppers get to see the same product in ads.

So, if embedding is difficult, you should opt for Shoelace. The best part about this method is that it does not require any advanced marketing skills for the numbers to show.

2. Look towards Abandoned Cart Strategies – The Cart Closer, OneSignal, or Firepush

Wouldn’t it be great if your customer did not abandon their cart in the first place? Why don’t you effectively grab their attention before they leave your site? You should consider targeting your shoppers with an exit-intent popup. Popups are a really simple and easy way to recover lost carts. They are also an effective first step in reducing cart abandonment.

The Cart Closer is a great tool to show an unobtrusive popup that may persuade the shopper from abandoning their cart and leaving the site. You need to keep your message humorous and lighthearted to help increase the popup’s effectiveness. You could also offer the shoppers free shipping or a discount to help them towards completing a purchase decision. Featuring product images in their cart helps in making the popup more targeted.

Another great way to recapture the attention of shoppers who abandoned their cart is through push notifications. There are plenty of options available as plugins to make this process easier. OneSignal works really well with WordPress and Firepush with Shopify. You can create your notification and choose to send them out within 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or a day after the shopper abandons their cart.

3. Consider Email Optimization – MailChimp

Email optimization is a great strategy where marketing is concerned. And, it works wonders with recovering abandoned carts as well. However, you need to note that results tend to vary considerably depending upon the effectiveness of your campaign. Most people are flooded by emails these days. Often, the subscriptions don’t even make it to the main email inbox.

The best way to get your email noticed is to create an eye-catching subject line without looking too spammy. You may want to consider offering incentives to customers to return to the cart. For instance, a time-sensitive discount coupon or an offer of free shipping should help entice them enough to make the purchase.

You need to split-test to ensure that your email campaign is successful. Feel free to switch up the layout, subject lines, incentives, and the send times to identify the combination that works best. You could make your job easier by using MailChimp’s abandoned cart email series. It automates the process and offers easy-to-use analytics. This can help you identify the campaign which offers best results.

Source: MailChimp

Timing really matters when it comes to emails. You don’t want to rush the shopper, but you don’t want to give them enough time to find another seller as well or lose interest in the product. Gentle reminders work best.

4. Get Shoppers To Sync Their Accounts – Persistent Cart or Consistent Cart

Carts often get lost when shoppers switch from their desktop to their phones or vice versa. You can prevent this from happening by making it easier for your shoppers to connect their devices. There are many apps to avoid carts from being forgotten during shuffles. But, Persistent Cart and Consistent Cart plugins tend to work the best. Your customers can save time and effort. They don’t have to start from scratch whenever they switch devices.

What are some of the tools you are using for abandoned carts for your campaigns? Share your favorite tools in the comments below.

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